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The figurative artist collective PHANTOMS IN THE FRONT YARD is pleased to present UNIFORM, opening October 22-November 14th at Pera Art Gallery. PHANTOMS IN THE FRONT YARD brings together the work of Vancouver's prominent artists Chad Krowchuk, Jay Senetchko, Jeremy Birnbaum, Jordan Bent, Marcus Macleod and Morgan Jeske. Responding to the communicative qualities of the figure in contemporary representational art, Senetchko notes that viewers react "intuitively to a face, a pair of hands or feet, a gesture or expression in ways (and across a broader spectrum) a splash of paint or a mound of felt cannot elicit." The common goal stemming from the six significantly individualized styles of PHANTOMS IN THE FRONTYARD is therefore, is the communal subject's aesthetic accessibility.

UNIFORM addresses the everyday socially constructed masks or uniforms donned to maintain societal norms and a collective order/unity. Within their vastly different styles and media (impressionism, hyper realism, illustration, drawing, and abstraction) each artist has chosen a "uniform" they most identify. The narrative running through each piece conveys the rope or umbilicus barely binding us as a civilization to reality, to one another, in the midst of constant power structures at work to maintain and destroy them.

UNIFORM will be on exhibit October 22-November 14th at Pera Art Gallery. Opening reception on Saturday, October 23rd 5-8pm

Jay Senetchko was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Senetchko and now lives and works in Vancouver, BC. After graduating from the University of Alberta in 1997 with a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction, in 2000 he changed direction, moving to Vancouver and received a Diploma of Classical Animation from the Vancouver Film School in 2001. He began painting in 2000 and although he is primarily self-taught he has been strongly influenced by apprenticeships with both Gideon Flitt and Odd Nerdrum. Exhibiting locally and abroad since 2002, he is currently finalizing a book on perspective and composition for the visual arts as well as illustrating and writing a storybook. Senetchko has been teaching life-drawing, perspective, composition, and art history at Vancouver Film School since 2002.

Chad Krowchuk has worked in the film industry for over 20 years. In that time, he has developed the ability to bring rich and vibrant environments to life upon the canvas. Studying locally and abroad in various art forms, Krowchuk works within the genre of realism and expressionism to reflect the cultural experiences of his travels. He has had the opportunity to exhibit both locally and on the international stage. His passion for continental drift and cultural connections continues to inspire him to create memorable aesthetic impressions.

Jordan Bent After studying film and design, Bent began selling his work in a very modest venue---the streets of Vancouver. From these humble beginnings, his independent spirit and immediately recognizable style have become permanent fixtures in the Vancouver gallery scene. Bent's work is exhibited in Canada, New York and Mexico. To these credentials he also adds graphic design work for local bands and businesses. Bent is also involved with some of the arguably most creative theater acts Vancouver has to offer.

Morgan Jeske A self-proclaimed pop culture fanatic, Jeske began his creative career at an early age, creating comic books with crayon, paper and staples. An illustrator and writer---his first published comic stuck to his fridge at home. Jeske works as a comic editor in Vancouver, BC. A passionate music listener, he fuels his work with inspiration from all media, focusing on moments of "intersecting nodes of culture,"(Fraction, 2009) reveling in the instances when one medium speaks to another across the divide of form and style. His work belongs on the BIG FRIDGE.

Marcus Macleod is a self-taught artist primarily focused on figurative work. Picked up a paint brush nine years ago and has never looked back since. Focusing on the development of his craft fulltime, he continues to advance his storytelling through representational work. Influenced by cubism, expressionism and urban street art his paintings have become an intricate balance of practical conventions, technical ability and experimental play - a body of work inspired by travel, literature and the personal interactions and observations of those around him.

Jeremiah Birnbaum is a practicing artist living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia. Birnbaum studied at the Victoria College of Art (2001-2003) before earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Art from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2006. Since graduating Jeremiah has exhibited extensively in both public and private galleries in Vancouver, as well as Alberta and Nova Scotia. Birnbaum's work is pro-dominantly black and white iconographic drawings exhibited within an installation format. His work examines and explores social constructs of hegemonic masculinity.

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Phantoms In The Front Yard Presents; 'UNIFORM'