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Pera Art Gallery continues to serve the cultural and artistic life of Istanbul by opening the exhibitions of Turkey's world wide famous masters and young artists since 2000. The Gallery successfully organizes at home and in abroad the opening of personal and group exhibitions of the artists who work in several fields of fine arts like drawing, sculpture, ceramic and mosaic. In 2009, the Gallery opened its branch office in the Canadian city of Vancouver, and brought its works to the international artistic environment.
Pera Art Gallery is located on Siraselviler Street in Beyoglu which has thousands of visitors every day, and it’s within walking distance to the Taksim Square which is the centre of attraction of Istanbul in the fields of arts and tourism. It has an ideal view and exhibition environment for the collections and Project exhibitions with its 150 m² exhibition area.
Pera Art Gallery serves to art lovers with young contemporary and Contemporary artists and group and personal exhibitions during the exhibition season. Pera Art Gallery has an artists group within its organisation and it also opens exhibitions with free–lance artists, exhibits and sells their work. In recent years, the Gallery has been giving importance to the abroad organizations and has been working intensively on this subject. The first target of the Gallery for the next years is to continue to be the hearth of the artistic activities in Turkey and to carry the young artists and masters out of the country borders. Besides, it targets to bring the works of the worldwide famous contemporary artists’ works to Turkey and present to the Turkish art lovers.

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